Leviticus 8-9 describes two distinct but related ceremonies: the consecration of the altar and Tabernacle, and the consecration of Aaron as High Priest (vv. 6–12) and his sons as priests. This episode focuses on some of the objects worn by the high priest (ephod, gold plate) and the enigmatic Urim and Thummim.

Transcript 72 Leviticus 8-9

Leviticus 6-7

These two chapters of Leviticus present the “law” for each of the sacrifices described in chapters 1–5.  The earlier chapters emphasize the mechanics of the sacrifices (e.g., the preparation of sacrifices and their ingredients). Leviticus 6-7, on the other hand, focuses on the duties of the priesthood in regard to sacrificial offerings and how the priests participated in sacrificial meals. Analogies to the Lord’s Supper and the NT idea of the priesthood of the believer are discussed in the episode.

Transcript 69 Leviticus 6-7