Leviticus 1

Leviticus 1 focuses on one offering, the burnt offering. Our focus this episode is how an Israelite (not a modern Christian) would have processed the ritual and its meaning. The burnt offering was not about forgiveness of sin. Rather, it was designed to initiate contact with God—which was viewed as a dangerous thing.

Transcript 64 Leviticus 1

Interview with David Burnett

In this episode Mike interviews his friend and fellow divine council researcher David Burnett. David is a graduate student and teaching pastor in Texas. Mike and David discuss how they met, David’s research, and how he teaches Scripture framed by a divine council worldview at his church.

David’s paper has been solicited by the Journal of the Study of Paul and His Letters and is waiting on the official publication date. To request a copy of his paper, feel free to email David at dburnett51@yahoo.com or on Facebook here.

Transcript 61 David Burnett

Acts 27 & 28

This episode wraps up our study of the book of Acts. These two chapters focus on Luke’s account of Paul’s hazardous journey by ship to Rome. Through the course of his narrative, Luke drops some cryptic references to the theological concept of a promised land for the people of God and Paul’s role in reclaiming the nations disinherited at Babel, the heart of the Deuteronomy 32 worldview.

Here is the paper referenced in the show:
Colson Triangular Numbers in the NT

Transcript 60 Acts 27-28