Interview with Dr. Ronn Johnson

In this episode Mike chats with his friend and co-conspirator in divine council research, Dr. Ronn Johnson. Ronn and Mike met as undergraduates in Bible college in the early 1980s. Ronn has a PhD in Bible Exposition (Old and New Testament) from Dallas Theological Seminary. His dissertation focused on how the Deuteronomy 32 worldview of the gods of the nations influenced Paul’s thinking about principalities and powers. Ronn is the author of the small group leader’s guide for Mike’s book Supernatural.

Transcript 55 Dr. Ronn Johnson

Acts 18-19 introduce three people that become part of Paul’s ministry and the storyline of his missionary journeys: Aquila, Priscilla, and Apollos. This episode discusses some of the language in Luke’s description of how the testimonies of people who embraced Jesus outside the ministry of the apostles were authenticated by the laying on of hands and manifestations of the Spirit identical to the phenomenon of Pentecost.  Two incidents at Ephesus (the “sons of Sceva” encounter with a demon and the riot at Ephesus) are also discussed.

Transcript 54 Acts 18-19

Acts 16-17

In Acts 16 Timothy joins Paul and Silas. In these two chapters there are several items of interest: the Spirit forbids and directs the team, they encounter a “python spirit,” they are supernaturally delivered from prison, and Paul uses some pagan literature to articulate some biblical theology – including some insight into the Deuteronomy 32 worldview.

Transcript 52 Acts 16-17